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Art Direction, Design, SOME


Forsbergs school



In recent years, Skärholmen has lost some visitors, this largely due to Covid-19, but also increased competition from Kungens Kurva and Liljeholmstorget mall. They need to regain their position in both our primary and secondary areas and clarify why people should visit them.


People travel back and forth through cities around the world to find the best food. With this campaign, we wanted to inform people that they don't need to travel that far, but could instead come to SKHLM.

By placing ourselves in places where other restaurants are located and in other countries where many Swedes go, the campaign is not only appreciated but also talked about.  

Namnlöst 5 (kopia).001.jpeg

OOH in locations like Turkey and Libanon – Countries many Swedes travel to that also have cheap prices on billboards.

libanon-billboard (kopia).jpg
Namnlöst 5 (kopia).001.jpeg
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